BEING CREATIVE // You've just got it or you don't.. right?

Creativity... you've either got it or you don't, right?

When it comes to creativity, a lot of us really buy into the belief that we're just not creative. It's easy to think that if you lack the talent for singing or drawing then you're not creative. HOLD UP! Singing and dancing are just an expression of creativity. Simply put, creativity is "THE ABILITY TO THINK DIFFERENTLY".

So, now you know your potential for creativity, where do you start?


1. Be inspired

If you want to be creative, see how other people are doing it. Our fear of imitating creativity can stop us being INSPIRED by others; however, witnessing other people thinking creatively can be great food to feed YOUR OWN creative mind. So, listen to some new music, or find someone who thinks creatively on Youtube. 

2. Be patient - it ain't instant

If you're a fan of coffee, then you'll know that instant coffee is NEVER as good as the real deal, right? It may seem like quite a random analogy, but the point I am trying to make is - good things take time. If you find yourself struggling with your creativity, just sit with it. Remember, creativity is about problem solving and thinking differently, so be prepared to be patient with your creative mind. 

3. Just do it 

Without any context, 'just do it' sounds like a terrible piece of advice! But I am sure you've asked yourself before "What if I do it and I suck?" and that is the very doubt that holds a lot of us back from doing something creative. This goes back to the idea that creativity is a skill. Remember, creativity is about choosing to think differently, not performing a task. 
So, if you have the chance to do something new or different then 'just do it!'  

Creativity isn’t about getting it right, it’s being prepared to get it wrong
— Ash Ball // Instone Creative Founder
Instone Creative